School Apps

These Apps are a great resource. We recommend trying out our new school app, School Stream, as it provides an easy, portable connection between home and school:

School Stream

This FREE app enables you to easily notify the school office of student absences and we use it to let you know any important school notices. In time, we will customise it to particular groups - such as the First XI Hockey team, or the Year 12 History class - so if there is a notice that you need to know that applies to that group (e.g. a change of venue, practice cancelled) you can receive direct notification of it.We’d appreciate any feedback you might have when using this new tool. This app does not replace our current forms of communication, it just adds to them. So if you are happy with current arrangements, there is no reason to change.

You can download the school app below:

MyBlueprint App

Developed by a former Rangitikei College staff member with help from former students, we recommend this FREE App for Senior School students. It’s an NCEA credit record, diary and career planner all in one easy-to-use app. MyBlueprint is the new and improved version of the older NCEA Pal.

ePlatform ebook App

Our students and staff have access to e-books and e-audio books via Wheelers platform. ePlatform offers a user-friendly intuitive interface that works on multiple devices. It is a simple three step process.  Step 1: Search for and download the ePlatform app  on your device (Wheelers.  Step 2: |Find our library (Rangitikei College) and log on using student/staff username and password.  Step 3: Browse for a book you like and borrow it for reading or listening to on your device.    After signing in the once and borrowing a book, it's one-click reading (even after going offline).  

Note:  If your e-book or e-Audio book expires while still reading just re-issue it.   Books may also be borrowed when at home - go to

Devices compatible with with e-books are:  

iPhone, iPad, 1Pod Touch (requires iOS 6.0 or higher)
Kobo eReader, Sony e Reader (Wi-Fi), Nook eReader, MiGear eReader
Android Devices, Samsung
Tablet - will need Blue fire
Kindle and Kindle Fire are compatible with Browser Reader


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