Academic Mentoring

We run a daily programme of school-wide academic mentoring to strengthen the connections you have between home and College:

Academic mentoring explained:
We know that strong, home-school relationships have a positive impact on a student’s schooling and wellbeing. So we provide you with a three-way mentoring programme that’s designed to support you throughout your time with us. For us, academic mentoring means:

  • you’ll be allocated to an academic mentoring group (around 15 students) lead by a teacher (your mentor)
  • your group meets for 40 minutes EVERY day and your academic mentor is your ‘go-to’ person
  • your academic mentor is the first, and main, point of contact between school and home
  • you will have three ‘Learning Conferences’ each year, where your academic mentor, you and your parents/caregivers will get together and discuss your learning progress.

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