COVID-19 Update on Buses

COVID-19 Update on Buses

I understand the frustration to users of the Hunterville and Turakina bus services over the inability of Tranzit to maintain these services at this time.  

I am looking at how we can find alternative ways of getting students affected to school, but will not be able to confirm this before talking to the Ministry and Tranzit tomorrow.  As you probably know, the school does not manage the bus services (and is not funded for it, but that is not the issue right now).  This is a public transport contract managed by the Ministry of Education, who, in turn contract Tranzit.

I appreciate the offers of assistance.  If students on these runs are able to find alternative ways of getting to school tomorrow that are privately arranged that would be great.  We will understand if they arrive later than usual, or have to leave earlier because of this.  If they are not able to come in tomorrow, it will be recorded as a 'justified' absence.

In the meantime, we will do what we can to come up with an alternative solution to take effect from Tuesday.  I am looking at various options but do need official advice on whether I can do them.

I trust that you understand the challenging situation we have been placed in.  I will be in touch with you again tomorrow.

Take care everyone.
Tony Booker


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